Evil Eye

Evil Eye

Have you ever had a series of mess-ups or a bad run of events, when every thing went against you? If the answer is ‘yes’, think hard and try to recall any one giving you an envious look, or may be you remember being complimented by someone rather superficially, as that may be the answer to your unexplained reason of the bad time you had. The look that causes harm to any one is called the evil eye.

The evil eye is believed to be a certain “look or gaze” which can bring bad luck for the person at whom it is directed. The evil eye bringing ill fate has known to originate both intentionally or unintentionally. A simple envious look could cause the same damage as the evil eye casted by someone with certain mystical powers and ability to do so.

Different cultures seem to have addressed the issue in their own way, but the most effective and commonly used practice is known as ‘hamsa’

The name hamsa has been derived from the Hebrew word “hamesh,” which literally means five.  This can be termed most befitted in regards to its origin as “hamsa” is symbolized by a hand with five fingers. Jews believe it to be associated with the five books of the Torah. Some relate it to the Hand of Miriam, sister of Moses’. Some Jews relate hamsa to the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet ‘He’, a term mostly used in referring to God.

The most common feature among all the hamsa symbols is the appearance of identical “three extended middle fingers.” The variation in these symbols comes by the way the two outer fingers “the thumb and the pinky finger” appear.  Sometimes these appear to be slightly curved, pointing outwards, while at other times these can appear as straight but a little shorter than the middle fingers. Regardless of the variation the two outer most fingers always appear to be symmetrical.

As basically hamsas are believed to provide protection against the “evil eye” sometimes an eye would be displayed in the palm of the hand. Fish are also believed to be unaffected by the evil eye so images of fish also often appear on the hamsas. Some times even the combination of both the eye and the fish are displayed on a hamsa together. The combination is believed to better avert the ill effects of the ‘evil eye.’

Either unintentional or using some mystical way, no matter how the evil eye is casted, it can bring injury, misfortune and bad luck to you and your loved ones. The devastation of evil eye can be diverse in magnitude and nature, ranging from a bad day at work to more serious consequences like sickness, poverty or even death.