Kabbalah and Hamsa

The ancient Jewish Kabbalah traditions root back to the 11th century. Kabbalah is a Jewish spiritual approach of studying the relationship between the infinite mystical creator (God) and his mortal creation (The Universe). The kabbalah teachings aim to unfold the spiritual / mystical aspects of the universe and the human beings, and the reasons of their existence. The Kabbalah philosophy is considered to be an integral part of the modern day Jewish beliefs, and essential for understanding the “Torah.” 

“Hamsa,” also called the hand of Miriam (sister of Moses) is believed to have originated from kabbalah beliefs. “Hamsa” is symbolized by the figure of a hand with three extended fingers in the middle and two symmetrical curved thumbs on either side. According to the kabbalah “Hamsa” possesses certain magical powers to fend off the harms of evil eye.

The “evil eye” is the age old concept of the harm or ill fate that comes from the “envious look”. It’s not only a part of Jewish culture, but is known by other different names in various cultures and communities across the world. It’s believed that the human thoughts possess both positive and negative energies, which can affect other people also. As human nature is more indulged towards negativity, quite often driven by greed and envy the negative forces come into play causing harm and misfortune. 

Strangely the evil eye can be cast both consciously and unconsciously, which means that even if someone does not give you the “look”, an envious thought could also cause the same harm. The magnitude of harm can vary in intensity it may range from a bad day in office, a series of mishaps, heavy business losses, some bodily injury, bankruptcy and even fatal accidents.

It’s only to avoid the evil eye that some people tend to be so secretive when they are expecting a good thing like a promotion, a big business deal, buying a new house or a new car and other such things. They are probably right in doing so, as you never know when the evil eye might harm you. The invisible negative force of the “evil eye” just keeps on bringing bad luck, making it hard for you to distinguish between a friend and a foe.

It’s like fighting an invisible enemy; you cannot fight what you cannot see. But as this concerns the safety of you and your loved ones, you need to have a strong defense against the harms of the evil eye.

The centuries old kabbalah traditions have successfully relied on “hamsa” to fend off the “evil eye” and all the ill fate and damage that comes with it.

If you want to secure your future and your family from the unseen enemy, or if you are already a victim of the “evil eye” give “hamsa” a chance to bring about the desired change in your life. “Hamsa” has positively influenced millions, for centuries, there’s no reason it won’t work for you.